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Nougat le Val Roubion

Welcome to LE VAL ROUBION NOUGAT’s new website

Le Val Roubion nougat factory, under the direction of the Gasnault family, focuses on production using traditional methods.Their qualified employees master the manufacturing mechanics from beginning to end, from ensuring the freshness and authenticity of the raw ingredients to sculpting the treat into its rectangular shape. At Val Roubion, we carve and add the finishing touches to each piece of nougat with the meticulous dedication of a skilled craftsman.

Presentation of Val Roubion Nougat

Cette animation n'est pas compatible avec votre navigateur Internet, vous devez disposez du plugin Flash Player afin de visualiser cette animation. Nous vous invitons à le télécharger sur le site : Adobe Flash Player Fabrique de nougat le Val Roubion Fabriquant de nougat depuis 3 générations, Le Val Roubion perpétue la tradition du nougat de Montélimar (26 - Drôme) dur et tendre. Le Val Roubion, c'est aussi d'autres spécialités à base ou autour du nougat : les truffes, croquettes, pralines, ...

Almonds selected for their taste, aesthetics and size, lavender honey chosen for it flowery aroma, a hint of distilled pistachio, the precise setting of the preparation according to the Mistral winds… all these factors combine to create the gourmet alchemy of Val Roubion’s nougat. Between a slow stream of honey, frothy egg whites and mountains of almonds, the nougat takes form.


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