Respect for LE VAL ROUBION tradition

Nougat has been providing the unique delights of its crunchy almonds and the tender creaminess of its honey-flavored preparation since the age of the Renaissance.

Fabrication ancestrale du vrai nougat de Montélimar In individually wrapped candies or oblong bars, the traditions of this confectionery masterpiece designed for sensory pleasure continue to be passed on from generation to generation through the careful attention of the Maîtres Nougatiers (Nougat Masters).

Traditional nougat production

Mélange des ingrédients pour la fabrication du nougat de Montélimar The delicious blend of ingredients is obtained by respecting the ancestral proportions.  Our Montélimar nougat is made from Drôme Provencale honey, whole blanched almonds, pistachios from Sicily and natural vanilla. Découpage du nougat de Montélimar

The honey and sugar are slowly melted and cooked in our double boiler cauldrons.  The addition of beaten egg whites aerates the mixture and gives it its light quality.The preparation is stabilized by incorporating sugar syrup heated to a very high temperature.It is only in the final stages that we add the natural vanilla and roasted almonds.Our cuiseurs then spread the preparation into molds lined with edible wafer paper.

Fabrication des truffe au nougat ou des croquettes de nougat de Montélimar

The turning out process and various cutting stages give Montélimar nougat its final form(bars, squares, individually wrapped candies…).

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